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    February 21, 2019
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STATE OF MICHIGAN BEFORE THE MICHIGAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION NOTICE OF HEARING FOR THE GAS CUSTOMERS OF CONSUMERS ENERGY COMPANY CASE NO. U-20356 Consumers Energy Company requests the Michigan Public Service Commission's approval for authority to reconcile its gas revenue decoupling mechanism and for ether ese The information below descibes how a person may participate in this case You mary call or write Condumers Energy Company, One Energy Para, Jackson, MI 49001, or cal 517-788-0550 for a tree copy of ns application ny person may review the documents at the offices of Consumers Energy Company A pre-hearing will be held DATE/TIME:Tdry, March 1000 AM dministrative aw Judge Kandra Robbins LOCATION: Michigan Publc Service Commission 109 West Sagiw Highway Lansing, Michigan 4891 PARTICIPATION: Amy interested person may attend and particigam The heaning site is accessible, including handcapped parking. Persons needing any accommodation to participate should contact the Commissions Executive Secretary t (51) 284-8090 inadvance to request mobility, visual, hearing or other assistance he Michigan Public Service Cmion(Comission) will hold a pre-hearing to consider Consumers Energy Company's (Consumers Energy) November 30, 2018 application requesting the Commission to approve: 11 the reconciiation of its Revenue Decoupling Mechanlsm for the perod Janudry 1,2018 through August 31, 2013 Conuers Energy to apply a one-month per customed suecharpe, to collect the Revenue Decoupling Mechanisn revenues by rate schedule based on the projected number of customers for the ugust 2019b mont: 3 Consm Eergy to apply the proposed nemairning residual balance ist after the implementation of the proposed surcharge and 4) othe rl ui documents raed i, this case stul be submitted electronically meough the Commission's E Dockets website at ments and instructions for ftäng can be ound in the User Manual on the E-Dockets help page Documents may abo be Mbmitted. Wordor PCF format Require tachment to an email sent to Any persen wishing to istervene and become a party to the case shall electronically taea petton to mervene with this Connssion by Mrch 5, 20 Unterested persons may elect to file using the traditional paper format) The proot off serce sh indicabe service upon Coumers Energy Compuny's Legal partent-Rngulbory Group, One Energy PlaraJackson,M 4001 Any person wishing to appear at the hearing to make a statement of posison whout becoming a party to the case may garticipale by ling an appearance To fie an appearance, the individual ust attend the hearing and advise the presiding administrative w judge of his or her wish to make a statement of position All information submtted to the Commiasion in this matter becomes public information, thus avalable on the Michin Publie Service Commission's website, and subject to disclosure. Please do not include information you wish o remain private Requests for acjoumement ust be ade purant to the Mchigan Adninistrative Hearing System's Administrative Hearing Rules 792 10422 and R792.10432 Requests for further Information on adjournment should be directed to(517) 84-8130 A copy of Consumers Energy Company's application may be reviewed on the Commission's website at: michigan sov/mpscedockets, and at the effice of Contumers Energy Company, For more informabin on how to parcipate in a ase, you may contact the Commission at the above address or by telephone at (517) 284-8090 Jurisdictioe is prsuant to t909 PA 300, as amended, MCL 462 2tse: 1919 PA 419, as amended, MCL 460.54 PA 3, as amended, MCL 4601 Michigan Admsinistrative Hearing Sysem's Administrative Hearing Rules, Mich Admin Code R792 10106 and R 792 10401 throughR792.10448 [THE MICHIGAN PUSLIC SERVICE COMMISSION MAY APPROVE REJECT, OR AMENO PROPOSALS MADE BY CONSUMERS ENERGYJ 902-0